Our Language Services

Manual Translation and Proofreading

Manual Translation & Proofreading

The process of rendering written communication from one language into another purely through human translation

Automatic Machine Translation

Machine Translation robot

Machine Translation technology can reduce costs and turnaround times on written text translations


Transcription Services

We provide additional visual support by creating written transcriptions for a range of different content types

Audio Visual Services

audio visual services

Our multimedia and audiovisual services include multilingual subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing

Website localization and multilingual SEO

Website Localisation & Multilingual SEO

Adapting your website to cater for multiple international markets is increasingly essential as the developing world becomes more and more connected


Interpreting Services

Spoken language conversion that is provided by a human interpreter either via telephone or in a face-to-face environment

Direct translations through Content Management Systems


The days of copy and pasting are gone. You can now upload and download translated content direct to your website.

E-learning and training translation

Interpreting Services

Enabling your messages to be correctly communicated to your audiences based all over the world

Translation Technology

Translation Technology

Capita Translation and Interpreting has adopted a variety of new and emerging technologies to really drive our language services forward

Transcreation and Copywriting

Transcreation & Copywriting

New content is developed or adapted for a  target audience instead of just straight translation

Localization Services

Localisation Services

A step up from straight translation, this process translates written texts and adapts them from one language and culture into another

Ektron CMS to TMS Connector


Capita Connect enables Ektron users to manage translation workflows with a few simple clicks by streamlining content exports and reimports.

DTP/Multilingual Typesetting


We don’t just translate your documents, we can also help with the formatting and layout, and ensure that your translated text looks as good as the source file. We help to prevent issues like overflowing text, and incorrect line-wrapping.

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