SmartMATE by Capita is a revolutionary technology toolkit that has been designed to solve a variety of localization challenges by enabling a machine translation (MT) environment to be built, customized, deployed, and evaluated.

This toolkit and translation equipment can be managed by your dedicated Capita MT Team. Whether your localization challenge lies with reducing costs and time to market, or with providing a completely secure machine translation environment, our SmartMATE translation device can be tailored to your specific needs.

Set up your own MT environment, or allow Capita TI to manage this for you:

Capita Managed MT – The secure, customized, and fully supported model


Benefits of SmartMATE

With regards to MT, our key competitive advantage lies in our deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain engines that best meet the needs of our clients. This knowledge has been built up over the years as we have participated in research projects and have used these results to form our machine translation strategy and toolset.

VMachine Translation; What, Why When & How?

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Machine Translation; What, Why When & How?

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