SmartMATE by Capita is a revolutionary technology toolkit that has been designed to solve a variety of localization challenges by enabling a machine translation (MT) environment to be built, customized, deployed, and evaluated.

This toolkit and translation equipment can be managed by your dedicated Capita MT Team. Whether your localization challenge lies with reducing costs and time to market, or with providing a completely secure machine translation environment, our SmartMATE translation device can be tailored to your specific needs.

Set up your own MT environment, or allow Capita TI to manage this for you:

Capita Managed MT – The secure, customized, and fully supported model

  • fully managed service
  • highly secure deployment and usage
  • customized to your specific requirements
  • additional corpora collection for enhanced MT output
  • hosted through (SAAS) / API / secure deployment or on-site installation
  • purpose built translation and language models
  • full roll out plan and on-going maintenance and performance reporting
  • customized pricing plan
  • advanced technical support from our team of MT experts


Benefits of SmartMATE

With regards to MT, our key competitive advantage lies in our deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain engines that best meet the needs of our clients. This knowledge has been built up over the years as we have participated in research projects and have used these results to form our machine translation strategy and toolset.

  • Tailored MT output: Because each of our MT engines are built using your specific data, the output will be more focused and usable than other systems on the market, as specific terminology can be enforced.
  • Performance Improvements: Unlike with more generic MT solutions, we look to improve our engines on a regular basis, and work with our customers to incorporate specific user feedback.
  • Integration: Our machine translation software’s open REST API allows for easy integration to external systems, and has already been integrated with leading Translation Management System providers including MultiTrans Prism, SDL TMS and XTM.
  • Various Hosting Options: SmartMATE engines can be deployed on-site or hosted by Capita on either a highly secure datacentre or cloud based solution.
  • Security: All MT engines and language translation software exposed to our customers are secured in Capita TI’s environment. As per our terms and conditions, Capita TI will not use or share customer data in any shape or form. Data will only be used to improve the quality of your engines and to measure engine usage and throughput.

VMachine Translation; What, Why When & How?

Download our whitepaper:

Machine Translation; What, Why When & How?