Norwegian Translation Services

Some of the world’s most recognized brands trust us with their Norwegian translation and localization, visit our case studies page to find out why.

We only use native Norwegian translators to ensure you get the best quality translation. We have translators to cover every specialist subject including:

  • Marketing translations
  • Legal translations
  • Medical translations
  • Legal documents
  • Technical manuals and brochures
  • Websites and DTP

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Norwegian Languages

There are two official variations of Norwegian, Bokmål meaning “book language” and Nynorsk meaning “new Norwegian. Nynorsk is mainly spoken in the west of the country whereas Bokmål is spoken in the East and in the main urban areas. Only around 8% of the Norwegian population use Nynorsk on a daily basis with the rest of the population using Bokmål or a mixture of the two.

If you are unsure, our experienced Project Account Managers will be able to help you get the right translation most suitable for your audience.

Norwegian and Scandinavian Languages

It is widely regarded that speakers of the main three languages in Scandinavia (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) can read and understand each other’s language without great difficulty, because they all derived from Old Norse. Scientific studies show that Norwegian speakers are better at understanding Swedish and Danish than vice versa.

Despite most Norwegian people being able to understand the meaning of text written in the other Scandinavian languages it is still necessary to localize your website, product or marketing materials for the Norwegian market.

This is especially true with websites, as visitors are four times more likely to buy from a website written in their native language and will stay on the site for twice as long. Even if visitors speak the language a website is written in, they are far more likely to buy from that website if it is written in their native language.

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