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Our professional Polish translators have the necessary experience and qualifications to translate any document from English to Polish, Polish to English or any other of over 150 languages we support. Our native Polish translators can handle any specialist document such as:

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Preparing your document for Polish Translation

There are a few things that should be considered when preparing your document for Polish translation:

Here is an example of a Polish translation of a short news article: “Boyle talks about the journey of his film, from ‘indulgent fantasy’ to Oscar contender, the adventure of working in India, and reaching for the stars. Meanwhile, Yeoh tells of the challenges of working with the diva that is mother nature on Asif Kapadia’s cold-climate thriller, going for extremes in her body of work, and being inspired by the indigenous people of the far north.”

“Boyle opowiada o transformacji swojego filmu z “fantazji dla spełnienia marzeń” w kandydata do Oscara, o przygodzie jaką była praca w Indiach i o sięganiu do gwiazd. Tymczasem Yeoh mówi o wyzwaniach związanych z pracą nad thrillerem Asif Kapadiego, którego akcja toczy się w zimnym klimacie, gdzie dzięki kapryśnej diwie, jaką jest matka natura, musieli pracować w ekstremalnych warunkach, oraz o inspiracji, jaką byli dla niego rdzenni mieszkańcy dalekiej północy.”

Even though the word count of the translation is very similar to the one of the source text, because Polish words are longer, we end up with one extra line.

Formal Polish Language

Despite recent fast changes, the Polish language still tends to be quite inflexible and formal. Unlike English, there doesn’t seem to be a playful, free style version of Polish that is still good enough for official translations and publications. The majority of Polish is either terribly formal, or completely informal.

This causes a lot of problems in translating a text that is written in “middle-of-the-road” English as there isn’t a Polish equivalent. Consequently such translations might lack stylistic accuracy and similarity to the source text.

A translator is often left with a dilemma which of the two evils will be the lesser one, as there is no perfect solution.

Polish Translation Word Order

A very difficult case for a Polish translator is when for certain reasons the translation has to follow the order and number of sentences from the source text. Despite what some quality translators think, the Polish sentence structure is different from English, and requires many alterations in translation. As with the example above, the structure of the second sentence was changed in order to achieve a logical Polish sentence that would still convey the whole meaning of the English source.

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